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GEMSTONE CHILDRENS BRACELETS-Various Crystal Gemstones Bracelets

GEMSTONE CHILDRENS BRACELETS-Various Crystal Gemstones Bracelets

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Crystals help children just as they do adults but maybe even more so because children are often more receptive to their healing powers.  The issues & difficulties that kids face impact them as they learn, grow & develop. A crystal can be a welcome friend to help them thrive and flourish! Gemstones calm children down, help at school, better sleep, helps them get thru tough times and improves their self image.

Crystal Gemstone bracelets can assist children with:

* feeling safe and protected

* reduce feelings of inadequacy or separation, helps to focus & study by improving concentration, memory and mental clarity

*transmutes negative energy such as bullying, fear, anger & jealousy into positive energy & emotions

 In today's tough world providing your child a healing gemstone bracelet to support their specific struggle could make all the difference and support their growth in a much needed positive way!

Message us and we can create a one-of-a-kind healing bracelet for your child!


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