Meet Our Pups


Meet Indiana Jones

Also known as "Mr. Jones" he is aptly named as he is always going on adventures and getting into trouble with his fellow brothers and sister!

Meet Ramsey Blue aka "Baby"

Brother to Indiana Jones, we call Ramsey Blue "Baby" as he is 6 months younger than his brother and super sensitive. Always up for getting into trouble!

Meet Delta

Delta is the smallest girl in the bunch so she gets lots of attention. Her favorite (other than mom) is Papa. Always a place for her on his lap!


Brother to Delta, all we can say is Booyah "is a hot mess" and a BIG momma's boy!

Meet Sadie

Sadie lives in Lake Havasu with her mom Debby our Master Designer. Sadie LOVES the pool, her ball in the pool, her ball in the yard, her ball in the get the picture!