About Us

We are sisters who strive for balance, harmony, and health.

Our decade long search uncovered numerous helpful tools for our Soul's journey. Knowing that others are searching as well, we wanted to share what has inspired us, helped us to find balance in our lives, and share the happiness that living with intention and a grateful heart can bring!

From something as simple as creating a sacred space, using oil blends and crystals to bring balance to our Chakras and heal wounds, or simply walking this world wearing a positive message. We find great joy in creating products that we sincerely feel will help the planet, one spirit at a time!

Meet Co-Owner

Kim Gritz

Retired from 45 years in Corporate America, living in Waddell Arizona with husband and lots of animals. Dream was always to co-own business with sister creating products that help heal the planet one Soul at a time!

Meet Co-Owner

Lynne Chausse

Part time Nurse, lives in Surprise Arizona with my 2 sweet pups! On healing journey with Sister creating products with intention to assist people on their personal healing journey.

Meet Master Designer-Dog Line

Debby Gritz-Levi

Friends since 1973, retired, lives in Lake Havasu. Shares our LOVE for dogs and is a BIG part of our small business! Shout out to her beautiful dog Sadie!!!

A Glimpse Into Our Souls:

Thank you for meeting us

We hope your soul has been lightened and you leave this page just a little bit better.