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Crystal Explorers Discovery-Delta finds LARIMAR!

Crystal Explorers Discovery-Delta finds LARIMAR!

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 Delta the explorer, being a lover of dolphins, traveled to the remote mountain of Bahoruco in the Dominican Republic in search of Larimar also known as the Dolphin Stone or the Atlantis Stone. This rare crystal is forged only in the volcanic spurts of the island where molten fire meets the Caribbean sea.  Delta found her "dolphins" in the water AND on the mountainside! Delta felt this crystal would be a GREAT addition to our collection as it's known as a stone of inner wisdom and strength, cools hotheads (we all know some of those!) and provides courage to overcome phobias and find our own power. Wearing against the skin, this stone is ever ready to help us overcome patterns of self-sabotage, nurture our joy & find the path of love....let Larimar be your guiding light!

GREAT find you get a TREAT!

Order your Larimar healing gemstone bracelet today and we will create a one-of-a-kind bracelet for you or the dolphin in your family!

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