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Crystal Explorer Discovery- Indiana Jones finds BIBLICAL STONES!

Crystal Explorer Discovery- Indiana Jones finds BIBLICAL STONES!

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Meet Indiana Jones, our most experienced Crystal Explorer. He has been all over the world on his quests but this time was a bit different! This time he went BACK IN TIME to Jerusalem during biblical times in search of the original 12 Crystals mentioned in the Bible- Rev 21:19-20. The trip was a big success but with all the sand swirling in Indiana's eyes and getting spit on by a camel, Indiana was ready to return to 2023!!! Indiana wanted to share how he prepares for any of his quests. First there are snacks to steal from the refrigerator and of course he NEVER goes on a quest without his dear friend Mr. Bill!

Indy's safe return brings you 12 beautiful Jerusalem stones which are strung on bracelets in the order they are mentioned in the Bible. These stones bring energies of endurance, joy, good will, brotherhood, love, virtue and courage to the wearer! Indiana also brought back sacred essential oils which we blend with distilled water/coconut oil to create a roll-on or room spray. The oils included are: cedarwood, orange, lavender, frankincense, sandalwood, juniper berry, myrtle & myrhh.

Amazing job Indiana Jones.....get a treat for yourself and Mr. Bill. You earned it!!! Shhhhh Indiana Jones is already sleeping!

If you want total protection this bracelet and oil is for YOU! Order today and we will custom make a "Sacred Bundle Set" or individual bracelet for you!!! Starting at $20.00

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