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Crystal Explorer Discovery- Booyah finds JASPER!

Crystal Explorer Discovery- Booyah finds JASPER!

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Booyah is what we call "a hot mess" with anxiety, lack of focus and many days is over stimulated. We could not "trust" Booyah to travel far on his journey to explore for crystals so we sent him on a hunt for Jasper which is found all over the USA and luck would have it, even in Arizona so he did not have to go far! 

This is a perfect stone for Booyah to find as Jasper's powers are in calming, stabilizing, increases productivity (he tends to get off course) and provides protection while absorbing all the negative energy around us. Jasper comes in many different colors and patterns, much like Booyah's hair some days! A great all-around stone for everyone and because of the variety of patterns and colors makes for beautiful bracelets!

Great job Booyah (whew!) you deserve a TREAT!

If you would like your own one-of-a-kind JASPER bracelet let us know! A bracelet that can be worn every day for all life throws at us!

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