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A Special Feature- Wear Arizona Gemstone Bracelet Collection

A Special Feature- Wear Arizona Gemstone Bracelet Collection

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Wear Arizona Collection includes ALL the Wear Arizona healing gemstone line:

Turquoise- Calming, soothes heart & mind, helps speak your truth

Amethyst- Stress relieving, helps connect to the Divine

Peridot- Heart opening stone, enhances personal power, cleanses Aura

Jasper- Detoxifying, promotes vitality, calming

Malachite- Tranquility boosting stone, balances immune system

Ant Hill Garnet- Heart healing stone, enhances health of blood & bones

Opal- Good luck stone, quiets thoughts, calms nightmares

Apache Tears Obsidian- Grounding, aids with depression/grief, protection

Chrysocolla- Cleansing & re-energizing, heals heartache, encourages balance & peace

Quartz- Energy amplifying, regulates emotions, strengthens all other stones

All of the above stones are found throughout Arizona in currently active mines! This collection which includes all 10 stones is a POWERFUL healing bracelet encompassing the healing properties of ALL 10 stones!

Collection includes a "focus stone" of Petrified Wood- the Arizona State Fossil. Also included is a choice of our Essential Oil blends: Sage & Palo Santo, Sage & Lavendar or Sage & Sandalwood. Said blend is to be applied to the Lava Stones included on each bracelet, not to be applied directly to the skin.


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