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A Special Feature-Wear Arizona Gemstone Bracelets-KIDS LINE-OPAL

A Special Feature-Wear Arizona Gemstone Bracelets-KIDS LINE-OPAL

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Our bracelets are visual clues that inspire positive thoughts, feelings & behaviors. They support kid's efforts to overcome obstacles and increase self-esteem. They are wearable reminders of their innate self-worth!


Milky white color that takes on colors around it. Opal is mined in the Palo Verde & Burro Creek mines. Opal is made from droplets of rain taking 5 million years to solidify. Opals can contain up to 20% trapped ancient water! Opal is the most delicate gemstone and has been found on Mars.

Healing Magic Powers:

*Quiets nightmares *Brings good luck *Creates happy vibes *Inspires to live joyful life *Brings light & healing to emotional body *Soothing for children overwhelmed with life *Heals emotional wounds

Therapist approved tools for transformation & positive intention!

2 or more Arizona mined stones can be used to create a one-of-a-kind healing bracelet.


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