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A Special Feature- Wear Arizona Gemstone Bracelets-KIDS LINE-JASPER

A Special Feature- Wear Arizona Gemstone Bracelets-KIDS LINE-JASPER

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Our bracelets are visual clues that inspire positive thoughts, feelings & behaviors. They support kid's efforts to overcome obstacles and increase self-esteem. They are wearable reminders of their innate self-worth!


Stone of MANY colors, Jasper is found all over Arizona in streams and dry washes. Arizona Jasper is coveted all over the world for its variety & colors. Large deposits are found in the town of Quartzsite, home of one of the largest gemstone shows in the world!

Healing Magic Powers:

*Feeling of comfort & security *Vibration of peace *Helps with optimism *Assists with family bonding *Helps accept change and new experiences *Balances obsessive tendencies *Helps teens stay grounded and feel supported during stressful times *Strengthens connection to Earth

Therapist approved tools for transformation & positive intention!

2 or more Arizona mined stones can be used to create a one-of-a-kind healing bracelet.


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