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Gemstone Bracelets- The Planetary

Gemstone Bracelets- The Planetary

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The Planetary Bracelet allows us to harness Celestial Power and rise! Wearing this bracelet is a reminder of the miracle of the creation of the Universe and thus the miracle that is you! 

This bracelet has 11 healing gemstones used to symbolize the planets. This bracelet symbolizes good heath, prosperity & peace of mind. It wards off negative energy affects of each planet while strengthening the positive influences. 

Healing Gemstones included in order on bracelet:

MERCURY- White Jade, VENUS- Aventurine, MOON- Labradorite, EARTH- Apatite, MARS- Red Sea Sediment Jasper, JUPITER- Tiger's Eye, SATURN- Sapphire, URANUS- Aquamarine, NEPTUNE- Lapis Lazuli, SUN- Citrine, PLUTO- Obsidian

Order one today and be the Star in your own Solar System!

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