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Soulgear Creations



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Our September feature consists of TWO amazing healing gemstones!

MOONSTONE: known as the "dream stone" bringing the wearer beautiful visions while sleeping. Helps to tap into intuition & motherly protection by tuning into your emotions. Brings light into dark corners. Found in Sri Lanka, ancient Romans believed Moonstone was formed from beams of moonlight. Ancient mariners believed the stone would protect them when traveling over water. This stone is a MUST for people in leadership as it increases empathy, helps the wearer to "be in touch" with people they need to direct.

SAPPHIRE: known as the "wisdom stone" this stone brings good fortune, restores balance to the body, aligns physical, mental & spiritual health. This stone also boosts immune system & calms over-active body systems, helps with depression. Found in Sri Lanka, the ancient Greeks associated the stone with the God Apollo and believed the celestial blue color symbolized heaven!

** order your custom bracelet today- can be either stone OR stones can be put together**

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